Conhouse for everyone

The CONHOUSE system considers the new living standards and structural changes in the society that also influence housing architecture and may beclassified as follows:

  • Smaller and more numerous households
  • Self-employment trends
  • Ever lower birthrate
  • Individualism
  • Higher life expectancy
  • New lifestyles
  • Work at home
  • Combined living models

Life expectancy Birthrate Work at home Smaller Household

These very important changes in present day society cannot be appropriately matched by what the manufacturers of prefabricated houses have to offer, while the small and adaptable CONHOUSE system was designed precisely to fill in this very segment of the market.
The CONHOUSE system thus satisfies the needs for:

  • A working-space home
  • A weekend/ summer/ garden house
  • A combined home
  • A single-space, no-walls home
  • A pro-individual tailored home
  • An expanding home
  • A compound home
  • An open home
  • A multi-purpose home
  • A home where services are concentrated
  • An adaptable home